“I am not new to homeopathy or the great things it can do, but I am amazed at what it has done for our family.  A year ago my teenage daughter was in the throes of a deep, suicidal, depression. It had built up over years, and I had missed the signs. Then last year it became overwhelming. She was full of anger and rage at herself and everyone around her, and sometimes she got violent.  She isolated herself and often spoke in a bitter and self-denigrating manner. She was hospitalized for mental illness twice.  


But since she started homeopathy with Parker, the remedy has done amazing things for her. Over the last year, her depression has faded. She is engaged, positive, energized, and has reconnected to her siblings. She even compliments herself from time to time. I would give some credit to her therapist, but mostly it’s been the action of the remedy Parker chose for her.


Thank you Parker. It’s nice to have my daughter back. I missed her.”

D.S. from New York

"Parker Pracjek was recommended to me by another member of the Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America board they both serve on, and I am so glad; I have been seeing her for six months, and my premenstrual symptoms and depression have subsided due to her remedies. I had suffered with these symptoms for some ten years prior to her homeopathic prescription.

Parker’s approach is caring and professional. Often times I am talking about very sensitive issues, and I feel really heard and held by her. In addition, Parker really knows her tool and is methodical and insightful in her approach to prescribing. She is clear and steady about classical homeopathic methods, so, right from the start, I had confidence in her and enjoyed consultations. She has the presence and knowledge of a true master.

I will continue to come to Parker for homeopathy, and recommend her wholeheartedly. I have also used herbs from her apothecary. She sends them quickly, and they are well-prepared and effective."

H.L from New York, NY

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