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I am a classically trained homeopathy consultant and my passion is to offer alternative and complimentary health support for acute and chronic conditions, specializing in helping young people. ​ 

I first came to know homeopathy at a time when I was very sick. Through work over a few years with my homeopath, I saw my health and life change. Homeopathy has played a key role in my profound healing from chronic asthma and trauma. The depth and nature of this healing work has helped show me the wisdom of my body, its messages, and the potential for building greater capacity for health and well-being.

Prior to becoming a classical homeopath, I worked as an educator and administrator in higher education for 17 years. Along with education, my passions include theatre performance and ritual and working with healing plants. I graduated with a BA in Theatre from Roanoke College and an MA in Performance Studies from NYU. I currently serve as a Commissioner for the Accreditation Committee for Homeopathic Education of North America (ACHENA).


I am also an herbalist, in practice since 2010, primarily under the tutelage of herbalist and homeopath Peeka Trenkle. I grow, collect and commune with plants, prepare simple medicines and teach workshops.


My roots are in the fields, woodlands and barnyards of the Midwest. I currently live between New York City - where I'm also a rooftop gardener - and Villa de Leyva, Colombia, where I see clients and roam on the country roads with dog friends. 

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