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Adjunctive Tonic Herbal Medicine:
Using Tonic Herbal Medicine With Clients Under Homeopathic Care

As homeopaths serving complex, busy and motivated clients, we’re often faced with questions about when and how to advise them in using adjunctive support therapies, dietary changes and loads of supplements! We’re understandably protective of our ability to clearly decipher the action of their remedies.
Herbal medicines, when used appropriately, can be a safe and profound compliment to the work of our homeopathic remedies. 
As a classical homeopath and western herbalist, I'll share how to use gentle tonic herbs strategically with clients under homeopathic care where indicated. In the seminar, we cover differences in herbal preparations, dosing recommendations, case examples, and scenarios in our practice where herbs may be indicated adjunctively. The tonic herbs taught are framed through the lens of specific herbal actions in the body, honoring whole plant wisdom instead of relying solely on the “plant x is good for condition y” trope.  

  • Are you curious about how plant medicine works differently in the body than homeopathy?

  • Are you curious to know which plants are safest to recommend alongside your homeopathic prescriptions?

  • Are you familiar with the ways plant medicine can grow capacity for organ and body systems healing? 

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On-demand: 75 mins, $35 


This seminar is for practicing homeopaths who are new to herbal medicine as well as those who have some background. This seminar supports practicing homeopaths to enrich their understanding of powerfully supportive botanicals and to make informed, safe decisions about using plant medicine adjunctively in their practice. 

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