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Elderflower Extract

Elderflower Extract

Local Elder flowers in distilled grain alcohol

Sambucus nigra

Due to its powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, this extract is very effective for upper respiratory infections. 

Elderflowers stimulate the circulatory system and induce perspiration in the individual and should be taken during the first signs of malaise, physical aches, soreness in the throat, body chills, or the appearance of restlessness and fever. The remedy induces detoxification and cleanses the body by rapid elimination of metabolic toxins through the skin; it can also rapidly resolves persistent fevers and infections in this manner.

Use extract for: acute cold, flu, ear infection, fever, hay fever, chronic congestion in the respiratory tract, candidiasis, arthritis, and in the toning of mucous linings in the respiratory system.

Dosage: adults 1 teaspoon (dropper) 3-4 times daily during tx period, children under 12, ½ dose

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