2019-2020 Herbal Community Supported Apothecary (CSA)

Sweet Meadow Apothecary's Herbal CSA of seasonal remedies is now available.

Winter Share delivery/pick up includes:

Elderberry & Astragalus Syrup

Elder flower Extract

Immunity Tea

Cold & Flu Tea

Lung Support Tea

Clearing Chest Rub

Congestion Relief Herbal Soak & Steam

Winter Wellness Herbal Soak

Winter Root Vegetable Soup recipe

Information about the remedies and how to use them

Winter shares can be ordered at any time through 

the end of February - or while products last.

The Winter Share focuses on seasonal remedies for supporting our bodies and spirit into and through the winter months while cultivating resilience.

All the medicines in our CSA shares are grown in and around New York City, NE fields and forests or come from growers who ethically wildcraft, all with an approach of minimal impact and environmental conservation.

All seasonal shares will include ideas about applications of plant medicines and tips about incorporating the use of herbal medicine into your household, community and daily lives.

COMING SOON: Pre-orders for Seasonal Shares for Spring, Summer and Fall.

Winter Herbal CSA Share

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