2020 Herbal Community Supported Apothecary (CSA) of seasonal remedies

"Herbalism is based on relationship — relationship between plant and human, plant and planet, human and planet. Using herbs in the healing process means taking part in an ecological cycle. This offers us the opportunity consciously to be present in the living, vital world of which we are part; to invite wholeness and our world into our lives through awareness of the remedies being used." -Wendell Berry

   Spring Share delivery/pick up includes:

  • Nettle Tea
  • Herbal Bitters Extract
  • Dandelion Extract
  • Burdock Root Extract
  • Gomasio (Seaweed, Sesame Seed & Nettles seasoning)
   + Creamy Wild Green Soup recipe
   + Information about the remedies and how        to use them

NO-CONTACT pick up available in the East Village, NYC. Select this option at check-out. Shipping also available anywhere in US.

Spring shares can be ordered at any time through the end of June - or while products last.

The Spring Share focuses on seasonal remedies for supporting our bodies and spirits into and through the spring months with themes of upward energies, growth, clearing and strengthening. The medicinal plants included help to detoxify by eliminating toxins and wastes while toning the liver, kidney, digestive and circulatory systems and nourishing with loads of essential minerals.

All the medicines in our CSA shares are grown in and around New York City, NE fields and forests or come from growers who ethically wildcraft, all with an approach of minimal impact and environmental conservation.

All seasonal shares include ideas about applications of plant medicines and tips about incorporating the use of herbal medicine into your household, community and daily lives.

COMING SOON: Pre-orders for Seasonal Shares for

Summer and Fall.

Spring Herbal CSA Share

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