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Sweet Meadow Apothecary is dedicated to the wisdom of traditional healers and the use, formulation and application of herbs and other pure botanicals for the purpose of healing. Each product is made with healing intent in small batches to ensure the quality and the integrity of the pure ingredients used.


The Apothecary uses only non-GMO plants that are wild crafted or purchased from reputable sources. All medicinal ingredients are fair trade, unrefined and/or sustainably harvested. Sweet Meadow Apothecary is dedicated to supporting local, organic growers and farmers dedicated to the support of healthy ecosystems and respect for the earth.


"I received the Apothecary's Repair Salve as a gift from Parker's sister and have been a loyal customer ever since. Upon having an allergic reaction to mold and ragweed, I used this salve to clear up damage to the skin on my face caused by edema. Nothing else brings my skin back to normal and beautifully so. I would highly recommend Repair Salve for this reason and many others."

-Renee S.


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